CRBC Introduction


CRBC Brief History

Spanish missionaries were the first to come to Taiwan, reaching the cities of Keelung and Tanshui in northern Taiwan in 1626. In 1642, after the Dutch occupation, they were arrested and deported to Batavia, Indonesia. On May 18, 1859, Spanish Dominicans came from the Philippines, through Amoy, to Kaohsiung, where they established the Church.

The Taiwan territory belonged originally to the Fukien Apostolic Vicariate, which was divided in 1883 into the two vicariates of Fuchow and Amoy, Taiwan belonging to the latter. After the Japanese occupation of the island, it was only on July 19, 1913, that Taiwan became an independent apostolic prefecture, having successively two prefects apostolic of Spanish nationality, namely, Msgr. Clemente Fernandez, from 1913 to 1920, and Msgr. Tomas de la Hoz, from 1920 to 1941. Under the pressure of the Japanese government, a Japanese prefect apostolic was appointed in the person of Msgr. Satowaki Asajiro (1941-1946). After the Jaspanese surrender in 1946, Reverend Tu Min-cheng, a native priest of Taiwan, was appointed administrator of the Taiwan prefecture. On March 5, 1948, Rev. Jose Arregui, OP, was appointed prefect.