CRBC Introduction


Chinese Regional Bishops Conference (CRBC)

  • Deals with the nationwide affairs pertaining to the Catholic Church in Taiwan
  • It is responsible for keeping close contact and cooperation with the Holy See, the inter-continental, regional, national as well as with the local Churches.
  • It holds biannual Plenary Meetings of the bishops and Extra-ordinary Meetings when needed.
  • It comprises the General Body of CRBC, Bishopsˇ¦ Commissions and General Secretariat.
  • The CRBC was established in 1967.

General Body of CRBC:

President : ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. John Hung, SVD, Archbishop of Taipei
Vice-President:ˇ@ˇ@ Most Rev. Peter Liu, Archbishop of Kaohsiung
Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Otfried Chan

Member Bishops:
ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. John Baptist Lee ˇV Bishop of Hsinchu
ˇ@ˇ@ Most Rev. Martin Su ˇV Bishop of Taichung
ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. Thomas Chung ˇV Bishop of Chiayi
ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. Bosco Lin ˇV Bishop of Tainan
ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. Philip Huang ˇV Bishop of Hualien
ˇ@ˇ@Most Rev. John Tseng ˇV Auxiliary Bishop of Hualienˇ@

Standing Committee:

Most Rev. John Hung, SVD - President
Most Rev. Peter Liu
Most Rev. Bosco Lin
Most Rev. John Baptist Lee
Most Rev. Martin Suˇ@ˇ@
ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@

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