Papal Blessing Instructions
The Holy Father gives his blessing for important events in the lives of the faithful:
- baptism, first communions and confirmations
- marriages between Catholics
- priestly ordination / first solemn Eucharistic celebration
- religious profession
- secular consecration
- ordination of permanent deacon
- anniversaries (10th, 25th, 40th, 50th and 60th) of marriage, priestly ordination, religious professions or consecration
- 18th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th years birthday
- installation of new churches and jubilee celebrations (25th, 50th, 100thK) of parishes and sanctuaries.

Method of securing a Papal Blessing
1. A recommendation must be presented from a parish priest of the person(s) to receive the blessing or from a priest familiar with the persons, attesting to his/her/their good standing in the Catholic Church. The request should be on the parish letterhead and have the parish seal.
(a) For a priest, parishes, associations or organizations, the request should be presented by the diocesan bishop.
(b) For religious, the request should come from their religious superior.

2. The following information must be clearly indicated:
(a) the name(s) of the people to receive the blessing
(b) the occasion to be celebrated (as indicated above)
(c) the date of the occasion
(d) if a wedding, baptism or birthday, the name of the church and its address
(e) the diocese to which the person(s) to receive the blessing belongs
(f) the address to which the document is to be mailed

3. The concession is subject to the following conditions:
- for priestly ordination and the anniversaries of priestly ordination, a nulla osta (authorization/permission) from the respective diocesan curia is necessary
- for religious profession and the anniversaries of men and women religious, nulla osta from the respective superior is necessary
- for baptism, first communion, confirmation, weddings and related anniversaries and birthdays, a nulla osta from the respective parish priest is necessary

4. An offering of US$60 or NT$2,000 is customary

5. The request should be written in English or in a Western language and sent to the Office of Papal Charities (also known by the Italian title: Elemosineria Apostolica), 00120 Vatican City State.
The current head of this office is Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, Almoner of His Holiness.

Postal Address: Elemosineria Apostolica, Parchment Office, 00120 Vatican City
Telephone: (+39) 06.69873279 - (+39) 06.69871100
(office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 
[UTC+1 : CET - Central European Time])
Telefax: (+39) 06.69883132
(24 hours)
Webpage: Request for Papal Blessing Parchments
Request form: Download form

Papal Audiences

1. Papal Audiences are granted every Wednesday in Vatican City at around 10:30 AM. Liturgies celebrated by the Holy Father include Masses for Canonizations, Christmas and New Year's Day Masses, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

2. A Papal Audience generally consists of a message from the Holy Father after which he greets the various groups in their own languages. If a choir wishes to do a one-half minute number, it should give advance notice with the request. Depending on the number of pilgrims expected General Audiences are held either in the Paul VI Audience Hall or in Saint Peter's Square. The Holy Father's Blessing always includes any religious articles you bring for that purpose.

3. Requests for participation in Papal Audiences and Papal Masses are to be sent to the Vatican well in advance. Requests can be written personally in English or in a Western language and addressed to the Prefecture of Pontifical Household. The current head is Archbishop Georg Ganswein.

4. Information on how to reserve tickets:

See Prefecture of Pontifical Household: Schedule of Audiences, Celebrations, Pastoral Visits

Write to: Prefecture of the Papal Household, 00120 Vatican City State

Fax:+39 06 6988 5863


- Date of the General audience

- Number of tickets required

- Name / Group

- Mailing Address

- Telephone and Fax numbers

Request form:Download form

5. Tickets are entirely free and can be picked up at the ticket office located just inside the Bronze Door (by the right colonnade of St. Peter's Square) at the following times:
For General Audiences: from 15:00 to 19:30 on the preceding day or on the morning of the audience from 8:00 to 10:30.
For Liturgical Ceremonies: on the preceding day or according to prior notification check with the website