A Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
from Archbishop John Hung, SVD, President of CRBC
February 20, 2013

Most Holy Father,

Your humble act of acknowledging publicly your frail physical condition, your courageous renunciation of the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, and your clear-sightedness in identifying the true need and problems of the Church in the present world are for us the greatest examples we can learn from you from your pontificate, aside from your love of theology and liturgy as well.

We are sure that you must have struggled a lot before making this very untraditional decision but we know that it is out of your love for Christ and for His Church that ultimately you have made it. So we cannot but thank wholeheartedly the Lord for having chosen you to be His Vicar to lead us over the past eight years, suffering particularly for the Church in China. Dear Holy Father, you are in our prayer before and after your decision comes into effect.

The Church in Taiwan is small. And like many other local churches it has its own problems and challenges but it has always been faithful to the Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, and we bishops of Taiwan will ensure that the Church in Taiwan will always remain so.

Dear Holy Father, as a sign of affection and respect, please allow me to kiss your papal ring in my mind and tell you on behalf of my fellow bishops and in the name of all the Catholics in Taiwan, "Vergelt's Gott, Heiliger Vater!"

Wishing you good health and God's abundant blessings,

Devotedly yours in Christ,

President, CRBC